Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have just looked through both of the webquest examples on the Moodle Pilot and i think that they are both very well planned and that they are engaging. Personally i prefer Tom March's design and i like the way that the students are to work in teams with the same roles, as opposed to the other model where the students are to work in small groups, however each student has a different role.

I think that webquests are a fantastic learning/teaching tool to use in a classroom, for both the students and the teacher. Webquests allow the teacher to setup the learning and the students to facilitate that learning. Webquests do require a lot of preperation on the teachers part, however once it is up and running the students are able to work through it as a group without much teacher input needed.

Webquests would work well in schools, however due to lack of resources it may be hard to implement them into an everyday classroom. The only way i can really see a webquest project working is if the teacher sets up a whole class rotation, where small groups can be working at the computers at a time.

Overall i really enjoyed looking through the two webquests and i would love to see one in action in a classroom.

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