Thursday, August 13, 2009

Google Earth

I have just downloaded google earht onto my computer. Although i have only just downloaded this onto my computer , i have used google earth before.

Google earth is a great application for both personal and educational purposes. It allows you to fly anywhere in the world from your pc. You are able to view satellite imagery and maps of the world. Google earth allows you to explore deep goegraphical content and you are able to save your visited places and share them with others.( Google Earth, 2009)

I think that Google Earth would be a great use in schools, to teach students geography, coordinates and also map reading skills. I would like to see this tool used within primary schools, however i think that it would be most effective in the upper primary and high school sectors.

Overall i think that Google Earth is a worthwhile tool to introduce into the classroom, instead of just using maps and globes you can introuduce the use of itcs into the lesson in an easy and meaningful way, were students can learn in context.
Geoerge Siemens(2004) recognises the importance for children to learn in context and he says that a crucial element of this is that the students 'have the ability to see connections between fields, ideas and concepts.' By using tools such as google earth within an educationn setting, the children are able to make visual connections with the world around them, one that they can apply knowledge to a picture.

I think that google earth should be used in schools as it would be beneficial for the learning manager in engaging the students, but most importantly for the students to be able to make the necessary connections with their knowledge.

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  1. How good is ggogle earth. What a great tool to use in the classroom to bring students to places all over the world. I agree that it is an excellent tool to support geological lessons that explore other countries.


  2. I agree with you Alice and Tamara and it also allows you to zoom below the surface of the ocean and study the underwater depth in the third dimension of a lake or ocean floor. So this could come in handy when looking at volcanoes.