Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making Videos in the classroom

It is understood that video can be one of the most powerful forms of communication and also a very powerful learning tool. ( Education Development Centre, 2009) Videos may be used in a classroom setting for viewing purposes, however it is the actual planning and making of a video that is going to be the most beneficial for students. The use of video in the classroom is endless, as are the benefits for using videos within the classroom, such as teaching kids critical thinking skills, literacy, public speaking and also group decision making skills. ( Education Development Centre, 2009)

Not only does the use of video in the classroom enhance students thinking skills, it also helps kids to work collaboratvely together. Collaborative learning is a joint effort either by students working together or the student and teacher working together. (Smith, L & Macgregor, J. 1992) A creation of video amongst a class of students is only going to be effective if the students work together as a team and take on particular roles to create a finished product.

Videos are now a very easy tool to intergrate into the classroom with todays technology. In this instance the teacher does not have to be an expert in making videos as there are a number of free websites available that guide students/ teachers to create their own videos and to upload them onto a website such as YouTube. One of the many free online tutorials that could be used to introduce students on how to make their own video, is called Media College. This website provides students with step by step instructions on how to produce their own professional movie.

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  1. Hi Alice. At school I did a class called Film, Television and new media. In this class we designed and created our own movies, and because we were such a small school we were put into groups a lot of the times and I think it was more effective then working alone, as you could collaborate and therefore come up with more ideas. We also watched movies to analayse in the classroom, so I think that making and watching videos can be collaborative and enhances students learning.
    Cheers casey