Friday, July 31, 2009


I have just made my first voki and i think they are a fantastic tool, both inside the school and outside of the school. Vokis are a great tool that allow you to create pesonalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog profile, in email messages and even in powerpoint presentations. Vokis are a fun, easy tool that anyone can use to incorporate into a classroom setting. Personally i would use vokis for students to insert into their powerpoint presentations, as a fun, engaging tool. I would also see the benefit of using a voki for a retelling excercise, where even the shyest of students amongst the class can feel comfortable with using their voice embedded into a voki. I have only just begun finding my way through the voki site, however i hope to gain some more experience with these and hopefully become an expert on ways to embed them into my lessons (i'm sure there would be heaps) I also think they could be a good engagement tool for the teacher to use, to introduce a new unit of work to the class.Overall i think these are a great tool, and i will definately be using them in my class.

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