Friday, July 31, 2009


I just completed the tutorial on PowerPoint. I found the steps very basic and a little bit repetitive. I think this would be a great tool for the teacher to actually use with the students, because it works through step by step and it is very basic. I only heard the other day that we are meant to be teaching PowerPoint to students in year 1 now!!! This amazed me as i only recall learning about PowerPoint in year 6. I think that PowerPoint presentations are a great tool for students to use in schools. Both of my prac classes have used PowerPoint presentations as a digital portfolio tool, where everything they have learnt has been recorded from term 1 right through to term 4. I love this idea and think that PowerPoint is an easy, user friendly way to incorporate into any classroom. My year 2's are always updating their digital portfolio, and i have viewed them as a successful tool for the teacher, the student and the parents to track what the students have learnt throughout the year.

Thanks Alice


  1. Thats a great use for PowerPoint Alice! I haven't yet heard of using PowerPoint for that use, and as a result, I found PowerPoint a litte useless- not now though!!

    Thanks for sharing that idea, it is awesome.


  2. Hi Alice

    Yes i was amazed when my year One prac class had to complete a PowerPoint! We used the interactive whiteboard to demonstrate the steps to create the PowerPoint and then the student's went off and completed their own with little help from teachers. It took about three weeks, which is only around 2.5hrs for them to complete it. It was saved for each child but i am fairly sure they are going to show them on the computers for the parent night. I think this is a great task as it provides a final product to show parents!!!
    Good luck with everything!