Saturday, July 18, 2009

Moodle, Blogs, Netitquette? Scary, Confusing, Exciting??!!

Wow, this is my first post so i sure do hope this works ( i tried to add one before but it didn't seem to appear) anyway enough on my difficulties...I am sure there will be many more to come! Which is what my first post is going to be about. Before this course i thought i was pretty up to date with technology (how wrong my thinkings have been) I have always grown up with technology and computers, first of all it was msn, then i moved to myspace now all i use is facebook. However now i have to retrain myself into something new and confusing called a blog (i think) Since been apart of this course for this very short time, my eyes have opened up to a whole new world that is out there that i have to say i have never heard of and i am shocked by this. The word netiquette, blogs and this new way of learning called moodle??!! I sit writing this shocked at how i have already been left behind in this technologically savy world in which we live. I think to myslef how lucky we are to be apart of this course to get us all up to speed, but then i ask myself 'what happens next year and the year after and in ten years time when were on our own and blogs are a thing of the past, and there is a totally new way of working/learning online???' Maybe i'm thinking way to into it or maybe i'm freaking myself out but I am really excited to learn more about this and to get myself up there in the world of technology!

I'm hoping it's not just me who feels this way, and excited that we can all help each other through this new learning journey.

I'm excited to hear how you all feel about moodle, blogs and this totally new world.

I'll try to comment on peoples blogs if i can keep up and i hope to hear from you guys as well.
Thanks and sorry about the blabbering its just so easy to do on this thing. Ok shutup now Alice hahaha Speak soon!

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