Friday, July 31, 2009

Interactive Whiteboards

After reading the article about interactive whiteboards, i think that we would all agree that they are a fantastic tool to use within the classroom. I think that interactive whiteboards would provide maximum engagament for any lesson and esepcially for your visual learners. However, in saying this i also think that like anything they would only be effective if used in a meangingful way for students. I dont think that this tool should be the be all and end all of every lesson, however when used in a meaningful context, i think they would be very beneficial.

Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to show students any thing which can be presented on a computer's desktop (educational software, web sites, and others).In addition, interactive whiteboards allow teachers to record their instruction and post the material for review by students at a later time. This can be a very effective instructional strategy for students who benefit from repetition, who need to see the material presented again, for students who are absent from school, for struggling learners, and for review for examinations. (Wikipedia 8/07)

There are a number of ways that interactive whiteboards could be used in the classroom, to support a number of lessons, such as the use of embedded resources such as maps to teach geography in a visual way, digital storytelling and to turn any worksheet into a virtual picture that can be highlighted, circled for english purposes etc.

I have not seen the use of an interactive whiteboard in action in a classroom yet, but if anyone has i would love to hear how it was used and whether or not it was an effective teaching tool.

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Wikipedia August, 2007.

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